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Fast Stable Connection Home Office. Limassol Larnaka интернет провайдер кипр ***.

You have power to Activate Deactivate

Power to switch On/Off your connection. No extra charges. Use How many weeks you need like PrePay Connection Or Subscription

Fast Connection And Stable 

We Provide Fast and Stable Connection.

Internet Support Connection 24/7

For Your Family. Fast and Easy.

Wireless Solution

We can connect you Every Where With Powerful Point To Point 5G/12G Antenna.

Everywhere Smart

Connect all Devices With Power and Fast Router Modem.

Fiber Solution 1 mls

Our Base Stations Have Fiber Connection For Fast Strong Internet.


CityCell-Fiber Internet Provider Cyprus

Professional Technician Installer TEAM


We can Bring Internet Out Of City Far Away!!!!

Internet Provider Cyprus Fast Stable Connection Home Office. Limassol Larnaka интернет провайдер кипр ***
Internet Cyprus Provider Services Fiber Wireless Everywhere Fast. Limassol Larnaka интернет провайдер кипр ***

CItyCell-Fiber Internet Cyprus Provider have huge coverage as shown, covering cities, villages and areas which are out of reach for the telephone lines ( Limassol – Larnaka Paphos Area) The cost of antenna installation depending on your location is a single (one-off) payment. The monthly charge depends upon your needs, there are no other charges. CityCell-Fiber Offer Click Here:

We can make fast internet installation in the same day Click HERE. Contact our office for more information regarding coverage.

Order Installation Online

The important feature for fixed customers is that they can access Internet Cyprus Provider  Hotspots all over the covered areas in the Island with no extra charge.

UNLIMITED USE / Pricelist for fixed wireless connection Price Include VAT

Monthly Connection Upload Price
Up to 5 Mbps kb 15 €
Up to 7 Mbps kb 20 €
Up to 10 Mbps kb 25 €
Up to 12 Mbps kb 30 €
Up to 15 Mbps kb 35 €
Up to 20 Mbps kb 40 €

UNLIMITED USE. For More Details Click Here:

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