Help Page Troubleshooting

A .No internet Connection

please check  from the list the steps

1.Check Modem is ON? and if LED WAN is On?  You should have both LED work.

2.WAN LED Not ON? Please check power supply of antenna if is plug properly. ( take out put back )

Check also Internet cable if is connected properly on plug.

POE adapter for antenna and modem

Netis / Tenda : have Led for WAN on,  and POWER/SYS on

TpLink : have Small planet logo LED for WAN

Please Call Us for more information and help

Telephone Line SMS ONLY  6:00 am – 24:00 am  : 99061116

send SMS with your subscriber number and your problem

SMS ex: ” hi customer 1730 no internet connection “
ex: ” hi i’m Nikolas 1545 slow internet “
ex: ” 1210 need fast speed”

Name of Modem:; Wireless Signal sow your subscriber number ( ex CityCell:1234)


tel: 25252520  25100999