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Pleas call us for more information regarding free installation offer provide by CityCell in limassol. Contact us: 25252520 / 25100999. Special offer limited time. For register form Black Friday free installation, click here. More information regarding plans packages, click here


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Internet Cyprus Provider

UNLIMITED USE / Pricelist for fixed wireless connection Inc. VAT

15 € /month
DOWN-Link 4 Mb/s
Unlimited Use
Wireless Modem
25 € /month
DOWN-Link 10+ Mb/s
Unlimited Use
Wireless Modem
Offer for Installation
Favorit Pro
35 € /month
DOWN-Link 15 Mb/s
Unlimited Use
Wireless Modem
40 € /month
DOWN-Link 20+ Mb/s
Unlimited Use
Wireless Modem
Monthly Connection Upload Price
Up to 4 – 5 Mbps kb 15 €
Up to 7 Mbps kb 20 €
Up to 10 Mbps kb 25 €
Up to 12 Mbps kb 30 €
Up to 15 Mbps kb 35 €
Up to 20 Mbps kb 40 €



CityCell has a huge coverage as shown, covering cities, villages and areas which are out of reach for the telephone lines. The cost of antenna installation depending on your location is a single (one-off) payment. The monthly charge depends upon your needs, there are no other charges.

The important feature for fixed customers is that they can access  Hotspots all over the covered areas in the Island with no extra charge.

CityCell also provides a fixed system installation, a small antenna should be installed at your location to ensure a fixed, strong and stable signal. It is the best solution for a stable connection and the best choice for local users and property owners, modem and cable. The internet can be activated on a monthly bases or for a specific period – as needed .

For More Information Call Us 25252520 / 25100999 or Register form and we can make installation same day or 24/Hrs.

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